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Skype and MiFi Test Video

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

I’m getting more connected in Murdock with the world.

I tested the Verizon Mobile MiFi, a mini wireless router, by making a video over Skype with a friend in St. Augustine, Florida today. Ok, you are lost? Don’t worry and I will try to explain.

The MiFi is mobile broadband that allows you connect up to five mobile devices at one time. That might be a camera, smart phone, laptops or computers or other devices you or another person is using. You can be mobile and be connected with MiFi as long as you can receive a signal.

Skype is software that allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet. Learn more about Skype. Call Recorder was used to record the video over Skype.

Thanks to the help of Schutts’ Hardware in Kerkhoven for making the test possible.

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Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at jannetwalsh@gmail.com. Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at http://jannetwalsh.blogspot.com/.
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  1. I did well, Tho I was moving too much…

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