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Robbins Island Park Hooping

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By Jannet Walsh
Willmar, Minnesota

I was hooping at Robbins Island yesterday.

What’s that? One of hobbies is hula hooping, or simply called hooping, that I started earlier this year. First I learned by watching videos on YouTube and attended a workshop when I lived in Florida. I usually listen to music on my iPod and you will be sweating by the time you are done! I have little dance or hula hoop training, as you will see in the video, but you will become lost having fun, a key to exercising.

The Location

Robbins Island, located on Highway 71 North, between Foot and Willmar Lakes, Willmar, Minnesota is a park of my childhood memories. I can still remember my late father Martin J. Walsh Jr. taking me to the island. What I discovered as an adult the beauty of the rolling landscape and lush carpeting of green grass. This will be a great location for cross-country skiing this winter, yea!

Read more about Robbins Island, located on Highway 71 North, between Foot and Willmar Lakes, Willmar, Minnesota. Click here to find out more about the park.

Historical Facts – Robbins Island
(Information posted at Robbins Island by the Kandiyohi County Historical Society)

Robbins Island was formed about 25,000 years ago during the Wisconsin glaciation period. Early people used it as a refuge from prairie fires and their enemies. Artifacts, including a copper projectile point about 3 thousand years old, have been found here.

Swan Swanson and family took refuge here from the Dakota or Sioux Indians during the Uprising on August 21, 1862.

Before becoming part of the Willmar park system in 1934 the island was owned by J.S. Robbins, pioneer business family of Willmar, from who it received its name.

This is video was created with the iPhone 4. The hula hoop is from Pixie Hoops.

Please tell me what you think about the video. I amazed by the technology in such a small package!

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Links encouraged!

Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at jannetwalsh@gmail.com. Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at http://jannetwalsh.blogspot.com/.
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