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How to sell house in a bad economy

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

It takes correct pricing, a personal committee and prayer to sell a house in a bad economy.

I left my home in Ocala, Florida for the last time on Aug. 14, 2010 thinking it would be the last time I would be able to call it my home, taking photos from my car. I had just placed the house on the market to sale a few weeks earlier as I was moving to Murdock, Minnesota to be near my family.

The number one key to selling my house was listing the house at the correct price. If you want the house to move in a market flooded with foreclosures, then you need to get the pricing right. If you are upside down in your mortgage, meaning you owe more than the value of the home, pricing is a more difficult decision to make if you still owe money on your bank note. Get help from professionals, such the bank or a real estate agent to get you moving.

Personal Committee
You will need help if you are selling and moving. I suggest you gather your friends and enlist their help as your own personal moving committee, but try to keep them going with food and drinks. The day before I departed, I had a few friends over to my house to help me pack my car, including a few strong and handsome men as I couldn’t lift a few of the items into my car. My real estate agent Andres Murrle with Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty was on hand to help me pack along with friends from work. Lucy Tobias, an author and expert on authentic Florida, but more importantly a dear friend, helped ease the pain of my departure.

I ordered pizza, and we shared a few stories after loading the car. I had invited the Rev. George Maniangattu, sounds like “money-in-got”, of Our Lady of the Springs Catholic Church in Ocala for the “last supper” of pizza at my house. It was my intention to ask him to bless the house, or even better, the keys of my house for a quick sale. Knowing that Rev. Maniangattu has close contacts with the saints, really, I needed all the help I could get. His great-great aunt Saint Alphonsa of Kerala, India was canonization Oct. 12, 2008 at the Vatican. Learn more details about the holy event at my other blog and my multimedia project with The Florida Catholic.

After the pizza and packing, my friend Lucy emailed a few of her friends that I had my house on the market and told them to check out my house as I had reduced the price. It turns out that one of the people she emailed was interested in my house and is now the owner!

After Rev. Maniangattu prayed over my Florida house keys, I said in front of my friends something like a desperate person would say, “Can you do that in seven days?” Meaning, can you sell my house in seven days. That day was Aug 13, 2010 and it was on Aug. 20, 2010, seven days after an offer was made on my house. So why and I tell you this? I thought I said something very foolish in front of my friends, but I didn’t. My house sale was final on Sept. 7, 2010. The saintly connections turned out to be great and have left a few of my friends amazed, along with myself. I think of it as a blessing as I don’t have to worry about the Florida house and the monthly expenses.

Now I have moved, sold my house in record time and just need the next part of the miracle to appear, a new job in Minnesota.

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Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at jannetwalsh@gmail.com. Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at http://jannetwalsh.blogspot.com/.
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