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The mystery of my name Jannet

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Click here to listen to the short audio about my name Jannet.

My name is Jannet, not Janet.

Ok, it’s really that simple, yet it has confused many people, including myself. My first name Jannet, sounds like Jeanette and is the name of my late grandmother Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh, 1886 – 1985 of Murdock, Minnesota.

Here is the story of my name, as I know it. My late father, Martin J. Walsh Jr. and my mother Margaret Walsh, also the name of my aunt and a few other relatives, wanted my first and second names to be the names of my grandmothers. There was confusion about the spelling of grandmother Walsh’s name, so they verified the spelling recorded in Stephen Foley family Bible. (I would love to see that Bible one day!) My mother told me they wanted to make sure of the spelling and were almost late for my baptism at the Church of St. Mary in Willmar in January 1964.

My grandmother’s grave marker uses her nickname Jennie at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Murdock. The memorial cards from the funeral list her name as Mary (Jennie) Walsh, born March 23, 1886 in Louriston Township, located in Chippewa County in Minnesota.

Above is a photo of my grandparents Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh and Martin J. Walsh Sr. in Murdock, Minnesota, circa 1950s.
The late Rev. Thomas Diehl officiated the Mass of Christian burial. There was a gathering at the house in Murdock after the funeral. I remember saying to Rev. Diehl that my grandmother’s name was really Jannet and he responded by telling me that her name was Jennie, with no room for discussion. I remember thinking here we go again with my name.

If you search for the origin my unusual name of Jannet there are references to Scotland. It is listed as a variant of Jane, from the French Jeanette, sounding like “ j(an) –net”, see reference.

There are many stories associated with my name. The most unusual might be from the time I worked at a newspaper in Nebraska. An editor would send messages written in red ink to one of the section editors to correct my name to Janet, although my was spelled correctly. On my last day of work at the red-ink editor wished me the best of luck and called me Janet!

Did my parent’s make the spelling up? If you are reading this and know where I might be able to see the Stephen Foley Bible, I’d love to see how my grandmother’s name, the official family recording in 1886.

If you have a copy of the Swift County history book published in the in the 1979, I am listed as a grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Walsh and my name is spelled Jeanette, showing history is not always correct. Seems to be a lot of confusion about my name!

Well, you can call me Jannet, sounds like Jeanette. If you can’t figure out my name, I have included an audio file to help you.

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