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Grandparents wedding photo found

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Mary Jannet "Jennie" (Foley) Walsh and Martin J. Walsh Sr. Wedding, Nov. 4, 1915
Foley – Walsh

Martin and “Jennie” Walsh of Murdock

Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh, 29, and Martin J. Walsh Sr., 28, were united in marriage Nov. 4, 1915, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Murdock, Minnesota.

I just uncovered this photo of my grandparent’s wedding that is simply precious. They were married a the first Sacred Heart parish built in 1894, under the direction of the Rev. P. J. O’Connor, of De Graff, for the cost of $5, 137.70. The first public services, unknown if it was a Mass, was Dec. 8, 1894, according to Swift County history. Need to get the church history book that I understand should be available. See below for more details on Swift County.

My grandfather Martin, known to many at “Mart”, was born in Dublin Township, Swift County, on Feb. 19, 1887, in section 32, in a house that was later moved from De Graff. He died at age 101 on Jan. 15, 1998, at Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar. Understand my father Martin J. Walsh Jr. and my aunt Margaret Walsh were at his bedside when he died. They had apparent spent many nights sleeping at the hospital before my grandfather and grandmother passed away.

My grandmother “Jennie” was born March 23, 1886, in Louriston Township, Chippewa County. She was 100 years when she died at Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar on Feb. 26, 1985. Learn more about my grandmother.

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