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Robert A. Kennedy, Murdock native – altar boy, Mars researcher, college president. . .

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Snagged another relative with my blog!

My great-grandfather Stephen Foley, was born in Maine on Sept. 15, 1846, and has a great-grandson that is currently the president of The University of Maine. Do you know his name?

He’s Robert “Bob” A. Kennedy, Murdock, Minnesota native, currently living in Maine, but moving back to Minnesota, has kept a home for years in Minnesota. (Sounds like a possible new blog, maybe call it Minnesota Native Son!)
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Robert A. Kennedy, President of The University of Maine
Photo Source

Second Cousins
I received a comment on my blog on Jan. 6, 2011, from Bob writing to tell me about our possible family connections on the Foley side of my family. My grandmother Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh and Bob’s grandmother, Rose (Foley) Pothen were sisters. After doing a little checking and figuring, it turns out we are second cousins, meaning with have a common set of great-grandparents, Stephen Foley and Catherine (Meier) Foley.

Stephen Foley and Catherine (Meier) Foley Family

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(If you have details of the date the photo was taken, and identification, left to right, please email me at jwalsh@wctrib.com)

Few details on Great-Grandparents
Stephen Foley, born Sept.15 1846 and died May 3, 1913, born in Maine
Catherine Meier, born March 14, 1855 and died Jan. 4, 1921, born in Luxembourg, according to 1880 U.S. Census (Listed as Germany in earlier blog, but updated as Luxembourg, which also goes with stories I heard as a child.)
Marriage – about 1876

My parents’ wedding
As a teenager, Bob was an altar boy at my parents wedding, along with Mike Walsh, yet another relative, at the Cathedral of St. Mary in St. Cloud. If you check out his biography you will find a list of accomplishments that are out of this world, including his study of the technological and physiological impediments related to space flight to Mars.

What more could he do?
According to StarTribune.com, my second cousin Bob is a finalist for both an at-large and an Eighth Congressional District seat as a University of Minnesota’s Board of Regent
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Now I just need to meet my newly found relative!

If you have any additional information to add to this blog post, family information, Murdock related history or if you think you are related to me, contact me at jwalsh@wctrib.com.

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