Jannet Walsh

What to wear to job interviews

In Money, Workforce on March 15, 2011 at 11:20 pm

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Looking good for a job interview is a must!

The key is to be conservative. Save the low cut blouses and way-to-high heels for your night out on the town. (If the interviewer shows up in inappropriate clothing for your job interview, this is information that can be stored away for reference.)

Gentlemen, clean-shaven is the safest, but beards and mustaches just need to be neat and trimmed. The clothing can be as simple as a long sleeve shirt, such as solid color of white or blue, with a tie, trousers, sports jacket and dress shoes. A tailored suit in black, gray or another neutral color would also be great.

Limit your jewelry to a ring or another piece. Make sure your shoes are polished and clean. Employers will be asking themselves if you can represent their company if you would work for them.

If you have tattoos, consider wearing clothing to cover them up for the interview or maybe apply makeup. Some companies have adopted policies about tattoos at work. Read more on tattoos.

Bathing is always important and even for a job interview! Avoid heavy colognes or perfumes just for the interview as it might cause your future boss to have an allergic reaction and be rushed to emergency room.

Many thrift stores have new or slightly used items, including shoes, briefcases or other items to give you a polished and professional look if you are low on funds.

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Working in media and public relations during recession-high unemployment rates in Florida at Workforce Connection, a regional workforce board, Walsh worked on workforce education, training and unemployment topics in Citrus, Levy and Marion Counties in Florida. She also wrote on topics related to workforce issues for both employers and job candidates as a columnist and was a contributor to the 2010 Great Communicator Award for an Institution awarded to Workforce Connection from the Ocala Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Society. Read full biography of Jannet Walsh.

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  1. Very interesting videos. Very good advice.

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