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Recent Grad Tips: Facebook, face time needed

In Job, Money, Workforce on May 25, 2011 at 10:03 pm

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Congratulations if you just graduated from college!

When I graduated from college, I took my portfolio and resume on the road and landed a job at a small daily newspaper in Nebraska. Facebook was not around, but I made opportunities for face time with potential employers.

I have compiled a few ideas for recent graduates looking for work, but these will also work for anyone looking for work. Time to start looking for a job is now!

 Networking: Personal connections
Enlist friends and family in your job search, but it is also a great resource of information. It’s important to tell people you are looking for a job. You can tell them in person, by e-mail, at social events and other gatherings, including the local coffee shop. (I would target a local coffee shop at about the same time each day when I noticed community leaders would get their morning fix when I was recently searching for work — and everyone wanted to talk to me!)

Networking is like tossing out a fishing net and waiting to see if you catch a fish, but trying to catch a job with your net needs to be a precise toss. Ask your contacts if they can suggest someone you might connect in your job search.

 Appear in person, make face time
Many jobs require you to apply online, but some jobs you can apply for in person. If there is an option, then appear in person dressed professionally. The person you give the application to could be the business owner or an executive, so be on full alert status!

If you can’t appear in person, do a short video, no more than two minutes and include the link in your e-mail, online application, blog or website. You need to look professional and have a very precise message to deliver to prospective em-ployers.

Temporary position for foot in door
Do research and target companies you want to work for and see if there are any temporary jobs. This is a chance to gain entry into a dream job.Once you are inside the company, start networking your way to the next position. Ask specific questions on training and education required for the dream job. 

Unpaid internship combined with paid temporary job
Consider an unpaid internship or volunteer position at a company of interest. Try to take on a temporary job to help pay bills. Job experience and volunteering are great ways to add experience to your resume in a tight economy.

 Online social networking
If you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or other online social networking, you need to keep it as professional as possible as you certainly will be “Googled” on google.com. Do a search with your name now to see what you have posted or others have posted. You can do searches on Twitter and other social media by using key words for your career field. 

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