Jannet Walsh

Dumbing down resume?

In Job, Money, news, Workforce on June 2, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Jannet Walsh, Minnesota Native Daughter blogger

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Dumbing down resume? Think hard on this before you do.

It was recently suggested I should dumb down my resume in order to get a job in the local area. The professional suggested it was OK to omit important experiences as a resume is not a legal document, and other items on my resume to get a job in the area.

When I attended St. Cloud State University, I remember a class on resume building, but it was all about the truth when you presented yourself to prospective employers. I wonder what they are teaching today?

There are pros and cons about landing a job with a dumbed-down resume, according to Monster.com. Take a look for yourself. Read link

If you omit important facts on your resume, land a job and produce a resume with more education or world-wide experience than you originally submitted, do you think your employer will believe you really had the Dutch registered photo agency in the Netherlands when you only said you had a photo agency? Yes, I really did have a Dutch registered photo agency and will not dumb down my proudest career moments. Read more

Besides, the skills or experience you omitted just might be what the employer was looking for, but you left them out. They searched for another qualified worker that landed the job you really wanted. Look at who is dumb now!

Bottom line is to be honest during the entire interview process, both the employer and job candidate.

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  1. Good for you Dale

  2. In short,
    “Your talents were not recognize.”

    I won’t say anymore, I’ll email you.

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