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Jannet Walsh, Minnesota Native Daughter blogger

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

If you just missed out on the perfect job, I have something that I say to myself, also out loud, that just might help you. You will need healthy thinking to keep your mind floating down a positive stream.

Here is what I say, “This means I will get an even better job!”

So, say you have been looking for a full-time job for ten months in Minnesota, just like me, and you are hitting the wall. If you live in a rural community there will be less jobs, most likely extending the job search, depending on your experience, career, the economy, and many more factors than you can list.

If I run into a few snags or bad experiences, I like to tell myself that I’m glad I didn’t get the job. Think what it might have been working at an organization that does not have their act together.

A company I interviewed at last fall in Minnesota did not have the interview questions ready, could not tell me what the salary range was, and they invited me to the interview. If you are an employer, be ready before the candidate arrives as you might be the one that misses out on the top candidates because of your actions at the job interview.

Years ago I was invited for a job interview and the interviewer could not be found. They forgot about the interview and went on a bike ride, really. (I took the time to call the other jobs I had applications out to while I waited.) I got the job, by the way.

A job interview is a two-way discussion. The job candidate is looking over the employer to see if their talents would be a good fit and the employer wants the best person working for them.

The person you encounter during interview might have been intimidated by your work experience and thought of you as a threat. They might be thinking you will have their job after they hire you.

They could have even thought you had a “chip on your shoulder” because your work experiences out shines their own resume or you have work experience they can only dream about.

Don’t worry, the right fit will come. Give yourself a break, but don’t give up on the job search.

If you didn’t get the job you thought would be the perfect fit, there will be another opportunity. A better job than the one you just missed out on is waiting for you.

My entire career I thought I just missed out on the perfect job, only to be surprised with the real perfect job arriving when I least expected it!

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