Jannet Walsh

Zero job growth: Labor Day 2011 celebrated anyway!

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Our nation’s current job growth is zero.

The zero job growth last happened during World War II. If that was not bad enough, the United States posted a 9.1 percent unemployment rate for August 2011. The unemployment rates are always for the the last month completed, not the current month. (Read more. . .)

Unemployed on Labor Day 2011?
If your are unemployed today, did you celebrate your job search labors? You should! To be laid off from your job is not a reflection of your work, but the ability of an employer to keep you on the payroll. It’s just about business, nothing more, and times are tough. Hint: Repeat the last sentence if you think a lay off is about something else.

Next steps?
If you have not already applied for unemployment benefits, retraining and more, it’s time to take action. (Read more. . .)

Positive Attitude Required
Keep a positive attitude and make a plan to find your next job or career. Time to move on about being laid off as you are likely to get a better job than you were laid off from. Oh, that’s my motto!

I will get a better job than I was laid off from! Jannet Walsh, Murdock, Minnesota

What’s Jannet doing?
She is not letting dust settle on her in Central Minnesota after a recent layoff, but does have a plan. Between applying for jobs, she is learning HTML, CSS and more. Oh, and why do you ask? She wants to be a web designer, but is willing to learn what is needed for the her next job. Books and online learning are just part of her steps to employment.

Attention Employers:
Employers: Are you interested in meeting your next employee? Learn more about blogger Jannet Walsh at her website, with a resume posted online. www.jannetwalsh.com. Email: jannetwalsh@gmail.com

Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at jannetwalsh.com Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at http://jannetwalsh.blogspot.com/.
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  1. good blog. Proactive, you go girl!

  2. Thanks Lucy! That means a lot to me from a famous Florida author like yourself. I can’t wait to read your new book on Florid Gardens Gone Wild as it will remind me of my garden. http://www.lucytobias.com/


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