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Rear window watch dog

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Dec. 7, 2011
By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Yesterday I was updating my business cards at the local OfficeMax, in Willmar. The car parked next to me had a dog posted, resting or in watch dog pose. I was caught by the black spot around the dog’s right eye, and just had to snap a photo with my iPhone 4.

I got close enough to try to capture the black eye, but disturbed the dog and the yellow car’s dog started to bark.

I wonder if this dog is related to the famous RCA dog with the black eye called Nipper? Nipper was apparently a mixed breed dog, but not sure if the RCA dog had a black eye. Or was it the “Our Gang” or the “The Little Rascals” with the black eyed dog? Oh, in any case, a cute little dog!

Oh, I did I say I am looking for a job? My professional profile is available on Linkedin.

View this photo at CNN iReport.

Jannet Walsh – I am looking for employment opportunites in the Willmar, Minnesota area. Please take a look at my professional profile.
Contact: Jannet Walsh at jannetwalsh@gmail.com

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